Authors: Prof. Liisa Salo-Lee

Liisa Salo-Lee, Ph.D. (Georgetown University, Washington DC), Professor in Intercultural Communication, University of Jyväskylä, Finland. Extensive international life and work experience in Europe, South and North America, Asia. Visiting lecturer among others, in Universidade Aberta (Lisboa), Brussels Business School, Anglia Ruskin University, Fudan University (Shanghai), East China Normal University (Shanghai), Shanghai University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, City University of Hong Kong. President of SIETAR Europa (International Association of Intercultural Education, Research and Training) 1995-97. Consultant in private and public organizations as well as invited specialist in broadcast media in issues related to multicultural society and intercultural communication. Publications include e.g. Salo-Lee, L. Oesch, K. 1996. "China Discovery" CD-Rom (Finnish National Board of Education); Salo-Lee, L., Malmberg, R. & Halinoja, R. 1996. Me ja muut: kulttuurienvälisen viestintä (Yle opetuspalvelut); Salo-Lee, .L. 1995. Kieli & kulttuuri oppimisessa ja opettamisessa/ Language & culture in teaching and learning.


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