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Program Introduction to Mobile Computing and Business
Introduces to mobile technology field and business
Program Pascal source code Database Workshop
Program TJTS26
Program TJTSS70
Program TJTST19
TJTST19 Databases and Data Mining; Tietokannat ja tiedon louhinta Oct.-Dec. 2013
Program Course COM5, The 23rd Summer School
Reliable methods of mathematical modeling differs essentially from heuristic modeling, which is widely applied nowadays. They are based on new mathematical results, which allows not only compute an approximate solution but also to obtain an explicit and realistic estimate of its accuracy.
Program Faculty of IT, private lecture, Dr. V. Boginski
Complex networks arise in a variety of domain areas, including information exchange networks, electric power grids, transportation networks, biological networks, social networks, and financial networks. One of the important aspects of studying complex networks is to ensure robustness in these networked systems, where various parameters and metrics can be considered in order to quantify robustness. In this presentation we will discuss some aspects of this broad area, including identification and design of "highly connected" robust clusters in complex networks, as well as finding "critical elements" of a network that are important for preserving its connectivity. We will also discuss possible interpretations of the developed models in certain applications.
Program Bridges Finland 2016
August 9-13, 2016
Program ITKA352 Introduction to Watson Technologies
Introduction to Watson Technologies Fall 2016 - Spring 2017
Program Octet Stream TIES440 Big Data
some aspects and case studies
Program IBM Watson Practical tutorial
Program Pascal source code Intel AI Academy Workshop
Program ITKM011 INTEL Workshop in Collective Intelligence
ITKM011 INTEL Workshop in Collective Intelligence
Program JSS29 COM2 Human Factors Methodology and Analysis in Programming Language Design
August 2019
Program KYBS3040 Cyber Security Psychology
Program ITKST56 (2021)
Program KYBS2001 (2021)
Program KYBS2004 (2021)