Ohjelma Troff document Säätiöhaut
Ohjelma Writing Competitive ERC Grant Proposals
Writing Competitive ERC Grant Proposals (13.6.2019). Trainer Lotte Jaspers, Yellow Research.
Ohjelma MSCA-IF training
Training course for Marie Curie applicants
Ohjelma Ilmastoratkaisut ja tutkimusrahoitus
Koulutus 26.8.2020
Ohjelma Road Show 2020
Tutukimus- ja Innovaatiopalveluiden Road Show esitysten taltiointeja vuodelta 2020
Ohjelma Academy of Finland September Call 2021
JYU information event
Ohjelma Consortium workshop series - session 1: Constructing consortium proposals
Recording of the first session of workshop series.
Ohjelma Consortium workshop series - session 2:
Call text analysis – cases Horizon Europe and Academy of Finland, call for proposals: how to read the call?
Ohjelma Consortium workshop series: session 3
Application structure and Planning of work packages
Ohjelma Troff document Consortium workshop series, session 4: Impact
Exploitation, dissemination, communication. Case Horizon Europe.
Ohjelma Consortium workshop series: session 5 Data management plan
Data management plan in Horizon Europe proposal by Juuso Marttila OSC
Ohjelma Consortium workshop series, session 7: Budgeting
Strategic planning of budget and Calculating budget Pauli Sneck, project controller
Training for Academy Research Fellowship applicants
On the course, we will go through all parts of the research plan, introduce the call text, and talk through many other issues related to the call. All sessions will be recorded. There is also a moodle learning environment for this course, and the key codes to videos are available there. If you want to join the course or see the materials, please register for the training latest on 22 June. https://calendar.contio.fi/jyu/Calendar/Index?id=FMI9BBe9jCo%3D&lang=en or after that, email ris@jyu.fi a request to see the materials at Moodle.
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Verkkokurssi hankerahoitusta hakeville